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Getting your name out there consistently (and frequently) is the key to building name recognition and retaining clients. Make sure your past clients don't forget you and choose to use you again next time they need an agent. Here are a few ways to maintain those past-client relationships. ..READ MORE +

If you have a website, you are sitting on an untapped resource that has the potential to generate hundreds of leads each month for no additional cost. Here are four simple ways you can leverage your website to generate more leads.  ..READ MORE +

Realtor, trainer and consultant with Doorbell Real Estate in Tennessee, Laura Fangman shares her top tip for getting motivated to get more business. ..READ MORE +

Bidding wars, high prices and low housing supply — navigating this red-hot seller's market is no walk in the park. So, this week, we're asking you to share your best tips on working through and dealing with the current situation. ..READ MORE +

From thoroughly vetting buyer finances to learning all about 'option money,' speakers at Connect Now shared how agents can help their sellers accept the best offer. ..READ MORE +

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals' latest report reveals the driving forces behind Hispanic homeownership rates. ..READ MORE +

Months after a real estate developer agreed to buy it for the land value, demolition crews have already started to raze convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. ..READ MORE +

The company hopes to transform real estate engagement for the consumer and industry professionals by creating a one-stop solution for finding loan officers and real estate agents. ..READ MORE +

The company has funded over $40 billion in home loans since it launched in 2016 — nearly all of it since the beginning of 2020. ..READ MORE +

The audio-only discussion app remains popular among real estate professionals. But those who want the most out of it should follow a few key practices. ..READ MORE +





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