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Photos from the 2016 Top Real Estate Agents Celebration

Washingtonian celebrated the area’s top agents with a cocktail reception at Room & Board.
By Washingtonian Staff on July 21, 2016


Washingtonian celebrated the 2016 Top Real Estate Agents, featured in the July issue, with a cocktail reception at Room & Board. The area’s best agents attended the event, where they enjoyed delicious light bites and drinks by Federal City Caterers, lively music by Bryan George Music, and had their pictures taken on faux covers of Washingtonian, courtesy of Washington Talent Agency.

Thank you to our event sponsors: MVB Mortgage and Monarch Title, Inc.

Thank you to our event partners: Federal City Caterers, Bryan George Music, Washington Talent Agency, Room & Board, MJ Valet, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Premium Distributors, and DC Rental

All photos by Evy Mages.

IMG_0821-copy.jpg.optimalMattia D’Affuso, Alex Venditti, Gregory Schneider, and Jeffery Taylor of Compass.

IMG_0216-copy-1.jpg.optimalJessica Evans and Erica Collins.

IMG_9678-copy.jpg.optimalDelicious cupcakes in MVB Mortgage’s sponsor lounge.

IMG_0230-copy.jpg.optimalGuests mingled on the top floor of Room & Board at the event.

IMG_1131-copy.jpg.optimalNoel Sesay, Samer Kuraishi, Sina Mollaan, Sougol Mollaan, Elizabeth Lin, Vida Yousefi, Jamie Hilmi, and Jenny Yazdani.

eather Davenport and Matt McHugh.

IMG_9656-copy.jpg.optimalJicama & Green Papaya Summer Rolls by Federal City Caterers.

IMG_0085-copy.jpg.optimalJennifer Hammond and Sam Swanson.

IMG_9832-copy.jpg.optimalFederal City Caterers served delicious Apricot Bourbon Smash cocktails.

IMG_1146-copy.jpg.optimalTom Williams, Caroline Sappenfield, and Mark Butterfield.

IMG_0263-copy.jpg.optimalJean Piropic and Alex Heitkemper.

IMG_0628-copy-1.jpg.optimalGuests took their photo on a faux cover of Washingtonian thank to Washington Talent Agency.

IMG_0516-copy.jpg.optimalRachel Wonder and Joan Stansfield.

IMG_9633-copy.jpg.optimalFederal City Caterers served neighborhood-themed hors d’oeuvres, including this cheese and charcuterie station in Dupont Circle Market.

IMG_1282-copy.jpg.optimalGuests found the Top Agents section in the July issue of Washingtonian.

IMG_1157-copy.jpg.optimalAttendees enjoyed boozy root beer floats in Monarch Title’s sponsor lounge.

IMG_1081-copy.jpg.optimalAlex Venditti, Greg Schneider and Mattia D’Affuso preview their faux cover of Washingtonian.

IMG_0374-copy.jpg.optimalWashingtonian’s Michael Schaffer, Susan Farkas, and Marisa Kashino.

IMG_0029-copy.jpg.optimalBoucie Addison and Lilly Adams.

IMG_9738-copy.jpg.optimalFederal City Caterers served fried plantain chips in the Adams Morgan food station.

IMG_1168-copy.jpg.optimalJanine Waxman and Josh Waxman.

IMG_0062-copy.jpg.optimalThomas Randolph, Scott Lee, and Cary Meinyk of Monarch Title.

IMG_0351-copy.jpg.optimalMaryAnne Fiorita poses with her faux Washingtonian cover.

IMG_1123-copy.jpg.optimalErin Barley and Timothy Barley.

IMG_9674-copy.jpg.optimalGuests enjoyed Prosecco and cupcakes in MVB Mortgage’s sponsor lounge.

IMG_0585-copy.jpg.optimalWashington Talent Agency showed guests a preview of their faux covers of Washingtonian.

IMG_0387-copy.jpg.optimalBanh Mi with caramelized duck by Federal City Caterers.

IMG_9999.jpg.optimalBrian Cusick and Jeffery Clouser.

IMG_0425-copy.jpg.optimalAttendees enjoyed the nice weather on Room & Board’s rooftop terrace.

IMG_0343-copy-1.jpg.optimalByron Wolfe, Cindy Golubin and Greg Golubin.

IMG_0160-copy.jpg.optimalYolanda Muckle and Craig Muckle.

IMG_0392-copy.jpg.optimalTina Cheung and Denise Fox.

IMG_0961-copy.jpg.optimalTop Agents mingled and enjoyed scenic views from Room & Board’s rooftop terrace.

IMG_9932-copy.jpg.optimalRob Ross, Trey Reed, David Lee, Tom Reed, Lisa Gercenstein, Jaime Young, Peter Cameron, Chris Clark, Scott Stephens, Phil Hawell and Billy Kinberg of MVB Mortgage.

IMG_0143-copy.jpg.optimalTyler Jeffery, Suzie Maguire, Robert Crawford and Margot Wilson.

IMG_1032-copy.jpg.optimalSteve Wydler, Cathy Merrill Williams, and Hans Wydler.

IMG_0689-copy.jpg.optimalTianni Craig, Natasha Mosley, and Kimberly Menkiti.

IMG_9968.jpg.optimalTina Cheung, Denis Fox, Jenni Davies, Ellen Coleman, Jill Coleman, and Rich Fox.